Started in March, 2015, we’re a Mumbai-based advertising film production house that is, well, rather pig-headed. About pushing the envelope every single time. About collaborating with the best there is. And about creating great work.

Meet Our Team

Shirsha Guha Thakurta


Shirsha’s work is known for its distinct, new-age identity that is stirring and memorable. Her showreel is a testament to her ability to capture the heart of the film, to achieve the right tonality, and to get nuanced performances out of her actors. An alumnus of the reputed Maine Media Workshops, U.S., she has been directing commercials for over a decade now, and her vast canvas includes work for brands like Google, WhatsApp, Reebok, Times Of India, Tanishq, Titan, Vogue, P&G, GSK, World Gold Council, Cadbury and Johnson & Johnson among others. Along the way, her work has picked up a host of awards, both on the national as well as the international stage.

Ramya Rao

Executive Producer

Blessed with a natural ability to multitask and organise, producing comes naturally to Ramya. She may be soft-spoken and easy-going, but when the going gets tough, she gets going, making problem solving seem like an effortless challenge. In a career spanning more than fifteen years, she has worked with reputed advertising production houses like Footcandles and Nirvana Films, and was a founding member of Handloom Pictures. She joined Oink as an Executive Producer in 2016, and since then has been instrumental in shaping some of the industry's most appreciated and effective pieces of communication.

Rupesh Sakpal

Finance Head

Rupesh heads our accounts department, and is known to add, subtract, divide and multiply faster than a calculator. if there's anything he loves more than number-crunching, it's exploring lesser-known places around Mumbai on his Bullet. So, if you don't find him in office on a Friday afternoon, you can do the math.

Gautami Telangi

Office Admin

Gautami looks after oink's day-to-day online and offline operations. This includes the management of the entire office, humans and pets alike. She is also production trump card as she oversees the overall functioning of a shoot, never missing out on the finer details,


Office Assistant

Venkatesh aka Venky is the go-to guy for all things logistical, right from organising the office space to managing the Oink godown. Even on shoots, he is a huge production support, getting his hands dirty so that everything goes swimmingly well. He also enjoys being a part-time godfather to all the Oink pets.


Office Assistant

If you’re a regular at Oink you probably already know Farouk. He is our chauffeur, handyman, informer and biryani-getter, all rolled into one. If you need to know the whereabouts of anyone in our office, he is probably the only man who’ll have all the answers. But you dare not disturb him during his afternoon siesta.